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  • I thought I would share our driving experiences in New Zealand earlier this year with the club members (This is probably not suitable not suitable for a Sunday run as we covered over 7000kms in 4 weeks!). A couple of other club members have also been to NZ this year and hired an MX-5 from the same company we did. All have thought that the roads are great and ideally suited to our favorite car. I had been told by several people that the New Zealand roads, particularly on the South Island, were great driving and they weren’t wrong!! The roads are a bit like Melbourne weather – if you don’t like what you have currently you just have to wait for half an hour and you’ll have something completely different. We had heard that there were a number of companies that hired MX-5s in NZ and I found MX-5 Rentals in Christchurch on the internet. The car we had and also the supporting service (pick up and drop off at airport/hotel) were great. At the time we went, the company had 3 NBs but they now have 2 NCs as well. The rental for the 16 days was very reasonable (and even better when you factor in the exchange rate where the Aussie dollar gets around $1.25 NZ) and there was no limit on distance traveled. In addition to the car, we also hired a roadster bag which sat on the soft top (when down) or in the roof “cavity”. These bags are made by an MX-5 enthusiast in Auckland and for an extra $1 per day we were able to store jackets etc quite readily. Unfortunately they don’t seem to work on the NC! A couple of photos below show the bag “in action”! We hired an NB for our 16 day adventure and basically drove anticlockwise around the South Island, starting and finishing in Christchurch. In total we drove 4,500kms in 16 days – yep we were on the road for quite a bit of the time but if you go for a driving holiday you may as well drive! Several of the roads in the South Island are fantastic with good surfaces and plenty of scenery. The roads on the North Island aren’t too bad either (except we were not in a 5!) Some expat Kiwis thought we were crazy hiring a convertible, but in the 16 days we had the car we had the roof up 6 times. Twice because of light rain and 4 times because it was too hot!! So for more than 95% of the trip, we were topless (so to speak!)
    Neville Fair
  • "OK, as a sports car enthusiast I freely admit I'm biased.......but......the ONLY! way to see the beautiful southern island of New Zealand is from the open cockpit of a true sports car and the BEST! way for a visitor to get into a true sports car is to hire a Mazda MX5 Roadster from Allan Scott's MX5 Rentals of Christchurch New Zealand. For the very similar rental cost of a small, boring, "buzzbox" from one of the large rental companies, we were able to enjoy fantastic roads and scenery driving a brilliantly prepared MX5 NB RS Roadster. From the time Allan met us at the airport, the whole experience was a positive and enjoyable one.............truly the only sad moment was having to say good-bye to the car and return home. Nor do you have to be a enthusiast to enjoy touring in an MX5, Allan's cars are in excellent condition and easy to drive. I unreservedly recommend MX5 Rentals New Zealand to any couple planning a tour of New Zealand......thanks Allan! and thanks New Zealand!"
    Col Ellis, Winston Hills, NSW Australia
  • To the team at MX5 Rentals.
    With delight, I am writing to thank you sincerely for helping to make our honeymoon as wonderful as it was! Our experience with our little MX5 convertible was amazing to say the very least. This was without doubt the perfect way to see the stunning scenery of the South Island!

    In the hope that you will perhaps use our story as an endorsement to show other potential customers, I’d like to reiterate how blown away we were with the service that you provided.

    Six months before our honeymoon, my wife (then fiancée) and I had booked a small convertible with another company in Greymouth. We both had our hearts set on touring the South Island in a car with the top down. Content with our booking and very much looking forward to it, we understood that everything had been sorted. That was until a few weeks before our honeymoon, when we rung to check the capability of the car’s stereo. In the ensuing conversation, the rental company we had booked with denied having ever set aside a convertible for us! They said that there is nothing they could do and we couldn’t have a convertible. We were gutted. After a Google search, we could only find one other hire company that offered convertibles… MX5 Rentals. Unfortunately, we learnt that MX5 Rentals were based in Christchurch and we needed to pick the car up in Greymouth (on the other side of the South Island). My wife decided to phone MX5 rentals to ask for some advice.

    We had an absolutely ball in our MX5. We loved the unique and open view of the scenery, the slick handling, the sporty look and the dozens of positive comments and smiles we got from onlookers everywhere we went. So thank you for giving us our convertible and helping to make our dream honeymoon everything we wanted it to be and much more.We’ll be back for more!
    Yours sincerely,

    Tim and Beth Southey.
  • Thanks Allan, It was a fantastic experience and I will be have great things to say about MX5 Rentals to anyone traveling to to New Zealand and the South Island. The trips success was due to the car ability to make the most of the environment - as well as the company and scenery. I look forward to using you again.  
    Jonathan Spicer
    Archengine Architects